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Who we are

Each of these toys offers a new experience, one that will leave you breathless.

Eve Novelties is a company in the Philippines selling adult novelties in wholesale price. Our main branch is located in Hongkong which started in February 2006, and is also selling novelty items to Europe. Our company objective is to have our brand become famous in the whole Asia.

Eve Novelties is introduced as an online wholesaler of novelty products that also caters in the Philippines, where you can get help to start your sex toys business by signing up as our dedicated and full time retailer. All those who wanted to be the company’s retailers will be given the privilege to get items from us with an exclusive wholesale price for each and every item once they are qualified for our requirements.

Who We Work With

We work with a wide range of clientele, ranging from individuals to corporations, who want into the sex toys industry. we help them to build the’re own sex toys business with the most competitive price and quality!

Discover sex toys to bring fun to your sex life and exciting new ways to play with your partner.

Why Us

We are here to help. All of our staff are experienced, well trained and most importantly – friendly and easy to deal with.
Our promise is to ensure our price are competitive within the local market, while still maintaining the highest standard in quality.
We are always assure the quality of our product, you can return any of product which are defective.
We are always here to help and offer leading support to all of our clients. Whether it’s after sales care, or onsite during setup, if there’s a problem we will do our best to solve it. Our office is open from Monday to Saturday, however we offer round the clock support when required.
Eve-Novelties has a lot of brand to let you choose, we are also the exclusive distributor of some international brand in the Philippines.
We know our industry, and that’s why we understand how important it is that you have a supplier you can trust to deliver. We focus on being on-time, meeting our deadlines, and offering a trusted service with reliable equipment.

Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation

When you work around personal lubricants for a living, it’s easy to take for granted that not everyone is aware of the wonderful benefits lube provides to people who are seeking a more comfortable, intimate experience.